Orders from Central and State Government
25.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.719/23/LSGDLSGD- 32nd State Level High Powered Steering Committee of AMRUT (Agenda 4.5) – Cancellation of a Sewerage Work in Alappuzha Municipality – sanction accorded-Download
25.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.712/23/LSGDLocal Self Government Department -Entrusting Impact Kerala Ltd with the task of implementing STP/FSTP schemes for ULBs – Decision No.10 of 5th SHPSC – permission grantedDownload
25.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.711/23/LSGDLocal Self Government Department – Administrative Sanction of Sewerage projects approved under 2nd tranche of SWAP – Decision of 5th SHPSC -sanction accordedDownload
21.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.677/23/LSGD11 Water Supply Projects amounting to Rs.192.337 Cr. (CAPEX -Rs.I79.917 Cr. & OPEX – Rs,12.42l Cr.) approved under 1st and 2nd tranche of State Water Action Plan (SWAP) of AMRUT 2.0 -Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
20.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.660/23/LSGDLocal Self Government Department -Thrissur Corporation- Cancellation of 2 Works -Decision of 32nd SHPSC (No.4.4) -sanction accordedDownload
18.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.647/23/LSGDImplementation of Micro Water Supply Projects directly by Urban Local Bodies – Availing services for developing projects – List of Implementation Support Agencies (ISAs) – ModifiedDownload
16.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.625/23/LSGDAMRUT 2.0 – Release of an amount of Rs. 103,31,36000/- to provide funds in advance towards ULB share corresponding to the central
share sanctioned for the implementation of SWAP 1 under AMRUT 2.0
10.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.593/23/LSGD‘Jalam Jeevitham’- a Campus to Campus campaign on the Protection and Sanitation of Water Resources- Release of fund to the Education Department – Sanction accorded Download
06.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.559/23/LSGDLocal Self Government Department -Transfer of Savings to Sewerage Sector Work -Decision of 32nd SHPSC (No.4.3) -sanction accordedDownload
02.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.527/23/LSGDLocal Self-Government Department – Revoking the decision of State Level High Power Committee of AMRUT 1.0 to cancel the sub-work, “Bus Shelter for Palakkad City – Model-2”Download
02.03.2023G.O.(Rt)No.523/23/LSGDCancellation of Sewerage Works of Kozhikode Municipal Corporation and new Water Supply Work under AMRUT – Sanction accordedDownload
25.02.2023G.O.(Rt)No.491/23/LSGDTransfer of savings available due to the cancellation of the Sewerage & Septage sector work “Septage Plant at Chakkamkandam” of the Guruvayur Municipality, to the Water Supply sector of the ULB and purchase septage vehicle – Sanction accordedDownload
23.02.2023G.O.(Rt)No.473/23/LSGDAMRUT 2.0 – 74 Water Supply Sector projects approved under 1st tranche of State Water Action Plan (SWAP-1) – Administrative
Sanction accorded
23.02.2023G.O.(Rt)No.472/23/LSGDWater Supply Sector work “Laying 500mm DI pumping main from pump house at Thammanam to OHSR at Kadavanthra” of Kochi Municipal Corporation – Revised Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
23.02.2023G.O.(Rt)No.470/23/LSGDFormulation of GIS-based Master Plans for AMRUT 2.0 Cities- Consultancy Evaluation and Review Committee (CERC) – ConstitutedDownload
21.02.2023G.O.(Rt)No.446/23/LSGD71st National Town and Country Planners Conference at Bhubaneswar on the theme ‘Challenges for Urban and Regional Planning towards Sustainable Development’- Participation of Officials – Sanction accordedDownload
19.02.2023G.O.(Rt)No.431/23/LSGDLocal Self Government Department -Administrative Sanction for the 23 Sewerage Projects in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation -sanction accordedDownload
18.02.2023G.O.(Rt)No.1196/23/FINBudget Estimate 2022-23 – Demands for grants and detailed budget estimates – Major head(s) ‘2217 Urban Development’ -Under Demand No: XXII Urban Development – Opening of new head(s) of account Download
16.02.2023G.O.(Rt)No.411/23/LSGDWorkshop on Municipal Debt Securities organized by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) at Bangalore – Participation of OfficialsDownload
27.01.2023G.O.(Rt)No.229/23/LSGDLocal Self Government Department – Committee for conducting interviews and selection of professionals in the additional posts created in SMMU & CMMUs under AMRUT 2.0 -Constituted – Orders issued.Download
21.01.2023G.O.(Rt)No.182/23/LSGDLocal Self Government Department – Judgment dated 21/12/2021 in WP (C) 12276/2021 filed by Sri. Paulson Chacko, A class Contractor in Kerala Water Authority, Mulavarickal house, Piraroor, Kalady, Ernakulam before the Honourable High Court – Complied with – Orders IssuedDownload
16.01.2023G.O.(Rt)No.115/23/LSGDAMRUT 2.O – International Conference and Exhibition on 24×7 Water Supply and Reuse of Sewage at Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh -Participation of Officials – Ex-post facto sanction accorded – Orders issuedDownload
13.01.2023G.O.(Rt)No.96/23/LSGDDirection to Kochi Corporation for completing STP/FSTP projects immediatelyDownload
13.01.2023G.O.(Ms)No.11/23/LSGDLocal Self Government Department – Continuation of State Mission Management Unit (SMMU) and City Management Units (CMMUs) for AMRUT. 2.O. – Orders issuedDownload
11.01.2023G.O.(Rt)No.79/23/LSGDKannur Municipal Corporation – Cancellation of the work “New Payyambalam Park”, reallocation of the savings for the new work “Freedom Movement Memorial Park” and revision of Administrative Sanction and recouping of the ULB share set aside for the work “Development of Chelora Park in Kannur Corporation” -Sanction accordedDownload
09.01.2023G.O.(Rt)No.63/23/LSGDWater Supply Sector work, “Replacement of existing 525 mm distribution cum pumping main with 600 mm rider pumping main from Karuvelipady to Koovappadam in Kochi Corporation”- Revised Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
06.01.2023G.O.(Rt)No.39/23/LSGDMeasures to ensure timely completion of projects under AMRUT – Authorizing District Collectors as the Nodal Officer for AMRUT projectsDownload
31.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.3259/22/LSGDCancellation of works in various sectors & Reallocation of Sewerage sector Work-Decision(No.4.1) of 31st SHPSCDownload
28.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.3232/22/LSGDKannur Corporation – Revised Administrative Sanction for Storm Water Drainage Sector Work – Decision(No.6.7) of 31st SHPSCDownload
27.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.3221/22/LSGDSewerage & Septage Sector – Implementation of Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant Projects – Engagement of Accredited Agencies for Preliminary Report PreparationDownload
27.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.3213/22/LSGDProcurement of Septage vehicles in AMRUT cities based on the decision No.10 of the 3rd State Level High Powered Steering Committee of AMRUT 2.0 held on 27.10.2022Download
27.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.3222/22/LSGDThrissur Corporation – Revised Administrative Sanction for Sewerage Sector Work – Decision (No.6.2) of 31st SHPSCDownload
26.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.3205/22/LSGDImplementation of the new work ” Providing FHTC to households in Thrissur Corporation Area”- Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
21.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.5171/22/RDAcquisition of 10.99 Ares of land in Kollam West Village for the construction of Sewerage Treatment Plant at Kureepuzha being implemented by KWA in Kollam Corporation – Sanction accorded – Orders IssuedDownload
21.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.3156/22/LSGDThe decision of 31st SHPSC (No.6.3) Cancellation of the Septage Treatment Plant project at Chakkamkandam, reduction of the AS amount of the work for the purchase of septage vehicles, and the transfer of the balance amount to the new sewerage/septage proposals in other ULBsDownload
12.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.3078/22/LSGDCancellation of sub-works under Decentralized Sewerage System for division 15 & 17 of Kochi Municipal Corporation under AMRUT
Projects- -Sanction accorded
09.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.3065/22/LSGDLocal Self Government Department – Mavoor Road Drain-Administrative Sanction for New Storm Water Drainage Sector Work in Kozhikkode Corporation -Decision No.6.5 of 31st SHPSC -Accorded-Download
03.12.2022G.O.(Rt)No.2997/22/LSGDCancellation of the project, “Multilevel Car Parking (MLCP)” of Kollam Municipal Corporation under AMRUT 1.0 and reallocation of the amount to Sewerage Sector Project “Construction of Balance Sewerage Network and Pumping Stations” of the CorporationDownload
30-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2960/22/LSGDProcedure for issuing Technical Sanction (TS) for projects under AMRUT 2.0Download
30-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2959/22/LSGDAMRUT 2.0–Release of Central Share and matching State Share towards 1st instalment of State Water Action Plan (SWAP– 1)Download
28-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2940/22/LSGDProcedure for issuing Administrative Sanctions for projects under AMRUT 2.0Download
24-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2906/22/LSGDAMRUT 2.0 – 77 Projects approved under 1st tranche of State Water Action Plan (SWAP-1) – Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
23-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2901/22/LSGDImplementation of Micro Water Supply Projects directly by Urban Local Bodies – Availing services for developing projectsDownload
21-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2871/22/LSGDDesignating State Nodal Agency and State Nodal Officer to implement the sub-scheme of formulation of GIS-based Master Plans for AMRUT Cities under AMRUT 2.0.Download
19-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2866/22/LSGDState Level Technical Committee (SLTC) for AMRUT 2.0 – ReconstitutedDownload
19-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2863/22/LSGDAMRUT – Presentation of Urban Planning Reforms as per part -VI of Scheme for Special Assistance to States for Capital Investment for 2022-23 at Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs – Ex-post facto SanctionDownload
17-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.7768/22/LSGDBudget Estimates 2022-23 Demand NO. XXII-URBAN DEVELOPMENT Authorization of additional expenditure under the major head(s) of account ‘2217-urban development’ – SANCTIONEDDownload
17-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2837/22/LSGDProject of “Design Construction and/Commissioning of 3 MLD Water Treatment Plant (WTP), Reservoir and Pumping main for Ollukkara Zone” in Thrissur Municipal Corporation – Revised Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
05-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2692/22/LSGDParticipation of officials in the Regional Workshop on 24*7 water supply held at Puri, Odissa on the 29th and 30th of September 2022 –
Expost facto sanction accorded
01-11-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2655/22/LSGDAMRUT 2. O – Participation of experts in the Indian Urban Housing Conclave (IUHC) -Ex post facto sanction accordedDownload
22-10-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2562/22/LSGDLocal Self Government Department-AMRUT 2.0 – Constitution of State Level Task Force (STF) on the implementation of 24×7 water
supply projects – Modified
15-10-2022G.O.(Rt)No.236/22/LSGDSpecial Assistance to States for Capital Investment for 2022-23- Submission of documents on pending reforms/milestones to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, GoI, for the implementation of urban reforms – A State Level Steering Committee and Subcommittee to ensure the timely preparation of documents –constitutedDownload
28-09-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2364/22/LSGDLSGD-AMRUT 2.0 – Sharing of Project Cost between State and ULB after deducting Central Assistance – SanctionedDownload
27-09-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2357/22/LSGDLocal Self Government Department – AMRUT – Release of Rs. 80,00,000/- as the Second instalment of Central Share for the scheme, ‘Formulation of Local Area Plan and Town Planning Scheme’ -SanctionedDownload
23-09-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2313/22/LSGDAMRUT – G.O.(Rt.)No.1887/2022/LSGD dated 02/08/2022 – ModifiedDownload
16-09-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2265/22/LSGDAMRUT 2.0 – RFP for Selection of PDMC – Modifications in Terms of Reference – SanctionedDownload
16-09-2022G.O.(Rt)No.2254/22/LSGDAMRUT – G.O.(Rt.) No. 1977/2022/LSGD dated 16/08/2022 – Erratum- Orders IssuedDownload
22.08.2022G.O.(Rt)No.2055/22/LSGDConsortium for DEWATS Dissemination Society (CDD) – Accreditation SanctionDownload
17-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1993/22/LSGDKochi Corporation – Cancellation of Urban Transport Sector work, ” Sarovaram Walkway and Cycle TrackDownload
16-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1979/22/LSGDSHPSC – Thrissur Corporation – Administrative Sanction for New Work in Water Supply SectorDownload
16-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1977/22/LSGDSHPSC – Kochi Corporation – WS Sector – Revision of Administrative SanctionDownload
15-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1973/22/LSGDAMRUT 2.0 – Request for Proposal (RFP) for Selection of PDMCDownload
11-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1957/22/LSGDAlappuzha Municipality – Park Sector Work “Development of Park in Railway Station Ward at Alappuzha Beach” of Alappuzha
Municipality. – Revision of Administrative Sanction
11-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1956/22/LSGDSHPSC – Thrissur Corporation – 16 New WorksDownload
11-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1950/22/LSGDTransfer of funds to Sewerage Sector work for Kollam Corporation- Decision of 30th SHPSCDownload
10-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1930/22/LSGDAMRUT 2.0 – Constitution of PDMC Selection CommitteeDownload
10-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1929/22/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for “De-centralized sewerage scheme for Thrissur Municipal Corporation” Decision of 30th SHPSC Revised Download
08-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1926/22/LSGDDecentralized Sewage Treatment Plant for Thrissur Corporation – Constitution of Committee for reassessing the nature of the proposed landDownload
02-08-2022G.O.(Rt)No.1887/22/LSGDSHPSC – Alappuzha Municipality – Urban Transport Sector – Sanction of New Sub Work and Cancellation of Sub Work – Sanction AccordedDownload
11-04-2022G.O(Rt)No.919/22/LSGDCTP (Planning) – ‘Capacity Building’ Training Programmes under AMRUT Sub Scheme on ‘Formulation of GIS-based Master Plans for AMRUT Cities’ at NESAC, Shillong Download
07-04-2022G.O(Rt)No.883/22/LSGDNirbhaya Fund – Scheme for Lighting Dark Spots in AMRUT Cities of StateDownload
26-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.760/22/LSGDModification of G.O. (Rt.) No. 567/2022/LSGD dated 10/03/2022 by allowing to release of the amount directly to the Single
Nodal Account
26-03-2022G.O(P)No.38/22/FINSingle Nodal Agency System – Revised Fund Flow methodDownload
15-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.625/22/LSGDIndia Water Pitch-Pilot-Scale Startup Conclave – Sanction to Shri A.L. Charles, Deputy Mission Director to attend the eventDownload
14.03.2022G.O(Rt)No.606/22/LSGDAMRUT 2.0 – Utilisation of FC Tied Grant for Local Bodies as LG ShareDownload
13-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.605/22/LSGDConstitution of State Level High Powered Steering Committee for AMRUT 2.0 Download
13-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.604/22/LSGDG.O.(Rt.) No. 489/2022/LSGD dated 01/03/2022 – Cancelled Download
10-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.568/22/LSGDHanding over of full additional charge of the Mission Director, AMRUT to Joint Director (Administration), Urban Affairs DepartmentDownload
10-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.567/22/LSGDSAAP I & III – 4th instalment – Release of Central Assistance amounting to Rs 191.3914 cr. along with State shareDownload
09-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.565/22/LSGDCentre for Management Development [CMD] to coordinate the RFP – Recruitment of Consulting Firm for Project Development and Management Consultant (PDMC) for AMRUT – AMRUT 2.0Download
07-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.537/22/LSGDExtension of Contract Employment of Experts of City Mission Management Unit and State Mission Management Unit and Supporting Staff of AMRUT up to 31/03/2023Download
05-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.523/22/LSGDAMRUT 2.0 – Constitution of State-Level Technical CommitteeDownload
04-03-2022G0.(Rt)No.66/22/RDLand transfer- Yakkara plantDownload
01-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.490/22/LSGDWater Efficient Thrissur – Formation of Technical Committee – WS sector- Thrissur CorporationDownload
01-03-2022G.O(Rt)No.489/22/LSGDConstitution of State Level High Powered Steering Committee for AMRUT 2.0Download
25-02-2022G.O(Rt)No.467/22/LSGDDesignating Cochin Smart Mission Limited (CSML) and Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited (SCTL) as separate Single
Nodal Agencies
15-02-2022G.O(Rt)No.334/22/LSGDRevision of Administrative Sanction – Urban Transport Sector – Kannur CorporationDownload
12-02-2022G.O(Rt)No.317/22/LSGDRevision of AS and Utilization of amount from TS savings – WS sector – Kannur CorporationDownload
12-02-2022G.O(Rt)No.315/22/LSGD Revision of Administrative Sanction and Approval of Tender excess – Kollam Corporation Download
1-02-2022G.O(Rt)No.201/22/LSGDRevision of Administrative Sanction – Park Sector – Kannur CorporationDownload
25-01-2022G.O(Rt)No.181/22/LSGDState High Power Committee (SHPC) and State Level Technical Committee (SLTC) based on the Guidelines of Swachh Bharat Mission(Urban) 2.0Download
22-01-2022G.O(Rt)No.170/22/LSGDRelease of ₹23,93,523/- to EESL from AMRUT Reforms Incentives for the preparation of Investment Grade Energy Audit (IGEA)
Reports for all the 9 AMRUT cities – Ratified
20-01-2022 G.O(Rt)No.148/22/LSGD Appointment of Project Associates in SMMU AMRUTDownload
19-01-2022 G.O(Rt)No.134/22/LSGD Revision of Administrative Sanction – Parks & Green Spaces Sector – Guruvayur MunicipalityDownload
18-01-2022 G.O(Rt)No.130/22/LSGD Revision of Administrative Sanction – WS – Palakkad Municipality Download
03-12-2021 G.O(Rt)No.2467/21/LSGD Appointing State Mission Management Unit (SMMU) as Single Nodal Agency (SNA) of AMRUT 2.0Download
02-12-2021 G.O(Rt)No.2453/21/LSGD Construction of 45 MLD Water Treatment Plant at Malambuzha – Palakkad MunicipalityDownload
18-11-2021 G.O(Rt)No.2317/21/LSGD Deputing Smt. Sarada Muraleedharan IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, LSGD and Shri A L Charles, Deputy Mission Director, AMRUT to participate in the launch of AWSSAR at Bhubaneswar, Odisha on 27/11/2021Download
09-11-2021G.O(Rt)No.2236/21/LSGD Ex-post Facto Sanction to Mission Director to attend EventsDownload
09-11-202G.O(Rt)No.2229/21/LSGD Smart City Expo World Congress Fira de Barcelona- Participation of officialsDownload
27-10-2021G.O(Rt)No.2108/21/LSGD G.O. (Rt.) No.2039/2021/LSGD dated 20/10/2021 – ModifiedDownload
26-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.2095/21/LSGD G.O.(Rt.) No. 1984/2021/LSGD dated 13/10/2021 – ModifiedDownload
26-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.2094/21/LSGD Revision of AS – Augmentation of Water Supply Scheme – Kollam CorporationDownload
26-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.2093/21/LSGD G.O. (Rt.)No.1969/2021/LSGD dated 11/10/2021 – ModifiedDownload
20-10-2021G.O(Rt)No.6770/21/FINBudget estimates 2021-22 – Demand for grants and detailed budget estimates-Opening new Head(s) of accountDownload
20-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.2039/21/LSGD Release of A&OE – 1st InstallmentDownload
20-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.2033/21/LSGD Cancellation of Work New Park at Vytila near Chelavanoor Cayal & Sanction for the new work “Construction of G Smarakom Park – Kochi CorporationDownload
20-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.2030/21/LSGD Launch of AMRUT-2.0 on 01/10/2021 – Permission for attending the eventDownload
15-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1999/21/LSGD Release of Rs.15,34,000/- from AMRUT Reforms Incentives to the Director, Urban Affairs Department for the payment to IIITM-K for the design, development and implementation of the Online Profession Tax Payment System for all Urban Local Bodies in KeralaDownload
15-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1998/21/LSGD Rain Water Harvesting Phase I- 2015-16 & Rain Water Harvesting Phase I- 2016-17 – Sanction to reduce the beneficiary contribution to 10% from 25% – Water Supply Sector – Kollam Corporation –SAAP-2015-16Download
13-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1984/21/LSGD G.O. (Rt.) No. 1680/2021/LSGD dated 06/09/2021 – ModifiedDownload
13-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1983/21/LSGD Online Application for Road Cutting Permission and Right of Way in LSGsDownload
11-10-2021G.O(Rt)No.1969/21/LSGDRelease of Resumed Fund – SanctionedDownload
09-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1965/21/LSGD Ratification of Tender Excess Approved by KWA – Kozhikode CorporationDownload
09-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1964/21/LSGD Revision of Administrative Sanction -KWA – Sewerage & Septage – Thiruvananthapuram CorporationDownload
09-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1963/21/LSGD Sanction to Kerala Water Authority for deletion/ addition of minor works within the ASDownload
08-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1955/21/LSGD Revision of 2 KWA Works – Kannur CorporationDownload
08-10-2021G.O(Rt)No.1952/21/LSGDChanges in KWA works during execution – Kochi CorporationDownload
08-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1948/21/LSGD National Urban Expo – Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav – LucknowDownload
07-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1935/21/LSGD Construction and Renovation of Footpath and Supporting Structures -Kollam CorporationDownload
04-10-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1898/21/LSGD Revision of AS – Water Efficient Thrissur – Thrissur CorporationDownload
04-10-2021G.O(Rt)No.1897/21/LSGDRevision of Administrative Sanction of the work MLCP System in Corporation Premises & Putharikanadam
29-09-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1871/21/LSGD Launching of AMRUT 2.0 by the Hon’ble Prime Minister on 01/10/2021 – Execution of a Tripartite Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) digitally by State and ULBs
24-09-2021G.O(Rt)No.1832/21/LSGDKWA-Sewerage & Septage – Ratification of tender excessDownload
22-09-2021G.O(Rt)No.1818/21/LSGDCommittee for monitoring and supervising the survey at the Special Security Zone (LAP)Download
21-09-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1812/21/LSGD Release of funds to CTP from the Reform incentive fund of AMRUTDownload
16-09-2021G.O(Rt)No.1766/21/LSGDAzadi ka AMRUT MAHOTSAV – Permission to MDDownload
06-09-2021G.O(Rt)No.1680/21/LSGD3rd instalment of CA against SAAP-I, II & IIIDownload
31-08-2021G.O(Rt)No.1645/21/LSGDContract period extension – Deputy Mission DirectorDownload
11-08-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1521/21/LSGD Meeting of the expenditure, of the vehicle KL 01 CG 3341 – from the funds available with the World Bank-assisted Kerala Solid Waste Management Project (KSWMP)Download
09-08-2021G.O(Rt)No.1505/21/LSGDExtension of Contract employment of staff of SMMU, CMMU and Supporting staffDownload
05-08-2021 G.O(Rt)No.1481/21/LSGD Release of fund to AMRUT – Modification of G.O.(Rt)No.1365/2021/LSGD dated 20/07/2021Download
20-07-2021G.O(Rt)No.1365/21/LSGD3rd instalment of GIS-based Master PlanDownload
09-07-2021G.O(Rt)No.1298/21/LSGDCancellation of Septage project & Administrative sanction for Balance Sewer Network – Kollam Municipal CorporationDownload
09-07-2021G.O(Rt)No.1297/21/LSGDApproval of Tender excess & AS Revision- Decentralised Sewerage Treatment Plant & Associated network- Zone A- Kozhikode CorporationDownload
02-07-2021G.O(Rt)No.1243/21/LSGDApproval of Tender Excess of 3 Sub-works & Revision of AS (KWA Works) -Thiruvananthapuram CorporationDownload
30-03-2021G.O(Rt)No.3218/21/FINDeclaration of Chief Controlling Officer for the new Heads of Account- Budget Estimate 2021-22Download
30-03-2021G.O(Rt)No.807/21/LSGDRevised Administrative sanction for 5 Urban Transport Works – Kochi Municipal CorporationDownload
30-03-2021G.O(Rt)No.806/21/LSGDRevised Administrative sanction for Development of Chelora Park Kannur Municipal CorporationDownload
30-03-2021G.O.(Rt)No.803/21/LSGDTender excess Approval & Revised Administrative sanction for KWA works in Thiruvananthapuram CorporationDownload
29-03-2021G.O.(Rt)No.795/21/LSGDTender excess approval- Decentralised Network with STPs in old Kannur Municipal area- Amended OrderDownload
10-03-2021G.O.(Rt)No.687/21/LSGDValidation of Administrative sanctions issued to various projectsDownload
10-03-2021G.O.(Rt)No.685/21/LSGDPalakkad Municipality- Cancellation of three works in the SWD SectorDownload
26-02-2021G.O.(Rt)No.636/21/LSGDContract period extension of staffs – SMMU, CMMU & Supporting StaffDownload
11-02-2021G.O.(Rt)No.387/21/LSGDAlappuzha Municipality- Cancellation of SWD Work-Kaithavalap Bharath Krishna Vilasam Road to Vada CanalDownload
28-01-2021G.O.(Rt)No.232/21/LSGDRevised Administrative sanction for GB Road Escalator- FOB Project- Palakkad MunicipalityDownload
28-01-2021G.O.(Rt)No.231/21/LSGDAlappuzha Municipality- Cancellation of the project ” Development of Park at Vadackal BeachDownload
25-01-2021G.O.(Rt)No.199/21/LSGDTender excess approval- Sewage Treatment Plants at Karukodi & Sundaram colony- Palakkad MunicipalityDownload
19-01-2021G.O.(Rt)No.129/21/LSGDTender excess approval- Decentralised Network with STPs in the old Kannur Municipal areaDownload
18-01-2021G.O.(Rt)No.115/21/LSGDTender excess approval- Decentralised Sewerage System for Divisions 15,16 & 17Download
18-12-2020G.O.(Rt)No.2338/20/LSGDErratum to GO(Rt) No.2304/2020 Dated. 14.12.2020Download
02-12-2020G.O.(Rt)No.2252/20/LSGDRelease of Rs. 278,32,59,000/- as part 3 instalment of AMRUT SAAP I II and III – SanctionedDownload
19-11-2020G.O.(Rt)No.2169/20/LSGDRelease of Rs. 41,08,41,000/- Additionally authorised – Sanctioned – Orders IssuedDownload
13-11-2020G.O.(Rt)No.2142/20/LSGDCommittee for issuing Technical Sanctions to the Sewerage and Septage Sector Projects under AMRUT – ReconstitutedDownload
12-11-2020G.O.(Rt)No.2138/20/LSGD15th Finance Commission (FC-XV) – Guidelines to Release of Grants for ULBs – Constitution of High-Level CommitteeDownload
11-11-2020GO(Rt)6519/20/FINBudget Estimate 2020-21 – Demand No. XXII – Urban Development – Authorization additional expenditure under the major head(s) of account 2217- Urban DevelopmentDownload
05-11-2020G.O.(Rt)No.2090/20/LSGDThe term of Contract staff appointed in AMRUT cities extended up to 31.03.2021Download
20-10-2020G.O.(Rt)1966/20/LSGDAMRUT – SAAP I, II and III – Release of Third Instalment – SanctionedDownload
18-10-2020GO(Rt)1947/20/LSGDPalakkad Municipality – Change in Name of Works in Storm Water Drainage and Parks & Green Space SectorDownload
16-10-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1939/20/LSGDThiruvananthapuram Corporation – Tender excess of 45% for the sub work “TSS – Urgent laying of 300 mm dia HDPE pipe and construction of new Manholes at Chengalloor and Vattavila of Punnakkamugal wardDownload
16-10-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1938/20/LSGDThiruvananthapuram Corporation – Tender excess of 40% for Sewerage sector work, “Laying 700 mm dia RCC NP3 Pipe Sewer Trunk Main-ll from Murinjapalam – Kannamoola”Download
16-10-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1929/20/LSGDThiruvananthapuram Corporation – Tender Excess of 32.25% above Tendered PAC for the work “Rehabilitation & up-gradation of existing sewer network at Manjalikulam branch road, Ootukuzhy, Vanrose Junction branch road”Download
15-10-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1920/2020/LSGDKollam Corporation – Construction of Storm Water Drainage at various Municipal Corporation roads Phase II – Thangassery Area – Revised Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
15-10-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1917/2020/LSGDThiruvananthapuram Corporation – Tender Excess of 40% above Tendered PAC for the 3 worksDownload
15-10-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1916/20/LSGDThiruvananthapuram Corporation – Tender Excess for the sub work “Interconnection of sewer networks from trunk main manholes of both sides of the road from Arasumoodu” Download
15-10-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1915/20/LSGDKollam Corporation – Revised Administrative Sanction – Veliyilkulangara Park (SAAP 2016-17) Under Parks & Green Spaces Sector – Rs. 30.13 Lakh – SanctionedDownload
12-10-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1883/20/LSGDEmpanelment of experts for Sewage / Septage Projects into the Technical Resource Bank (TRB)Download
09-10-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1858/20/LSGDKannur Corporation – Tender Excess of 9.89% (Rs 19.36 lakh) – For Project “Construction / Rejuvenation of Drains – sub work – Construction / Rejuvenation of Padanna Phase-IIDownload
18-06-2020G.O.(Rt) No.1974/20/GADErratum to GO(Rt) No.1876/2020/GAD Dated. 03.06.2020 [Additional Charge to IAS Officers (Dr. Renu Raj IAS)]Download
18-06-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1194/20/LSGDMulti-Level Car Parking(MLCP) in Kollam Corporation – Revised Administrative SanctionDownload
17-06-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1169/20/LSGDSewage Treatment Plant – Kureepuzha being implemented by KWA in Kollam Corporation for Rs 31,91,88,768/- Revised Administrative SanctionDownload
13-06-2020G.O.(Rt) No.1876/20/GADAdditional Charge to IAS Officers (Dr. Renu Raj IAS)Download
12-06-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1123/20/LSGDRelease of resumed fund of Rs. 244,54,69,958/- Sanctioned – Orders IssuedDownload
25-05-2020G.O.(Rt)No.961/20/LSGDAMRUT – Guruvayur Municipality -Water Supply sector works- Revised Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
25-05-2020G.O.(Rt) No.953/20/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for cancelling projects in Kollam, Alappuzha and Palakkad CitiesDownload
23-05-2020G.O.(Rt) No.949/20/LSGDExtension of Contract appointment of 17 Staff till 31.03.2021Download
12-05-2020G.O.(Rt)No.860/20/LSGDKozhikode Corporation -“Rehabilitation of existing old pipes, valves & interconnections with existing lines Phase-II” – Revised Administrative sanction accordedDownload
12-05-2020G.O.(Rt)No.867/20/LSGDThe project “Mavoor Road North Side Drain” under Storm Water Drainage Sector – Revised Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
29-04-2020G.O.(Rt)No.798/20/LSGDExtension of the mission period of AMRUT Projects that ended on 31.3.2020 for a further period of one year till 31.3.2021 or till the recommendations of the 15th Finance Commission come into effectDownload
19-03-2020G.O.(Rt)No.683/20/LSGDExtension of Deputy Mission Director in AMRUTDownload
05-02-2020G.O.(Rt)No.295/20/LSGDDeputation of officials of AMRUT to attend International Exhibition & Conference on Smart and Sustainable City solutionsDownload
31-01-2020G.O.(Rt)No.252/20/LSGDRevised Administrative Sanction for the works “15 KLD STP at Shathabdi Mandiram and FOB across Muthalappozhi – Alappuzha MunicipalityDownload
25-01-2020G.O.(Rt)No.205/20/LSGDRejuvenation of Elamkulam Sewerage Treatment Plant(STP) at Kochi- Revised Administrative SanctionDownload
09-01-2020G.O.(Rt)No.75/20/LSGDPlacing Cochin Smart Mission Ltd (CSML) and Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Ltd (SCTL) under the State implementing agency, SMMU Kerala for financial transactions in order to complete the compliance of PFMSDownload
04-01-2020G.O.(Rt)No.42/20/LSGDRejuvenation of Nehru Park in Thrissur Corporation – Revised Administrative Sanction Accorded- Order issuedDownload
04-01-2020G.O.(Rt)No.36/20/LSGDKochi Municipal Corporation – AMRUT Projects in Water Supply sector- Revised Administrative Sanction AccordedDownload
03-01-2020G.O.(Rt)No.26/20/LSGDPalakkad Municipality- AMRUT Works- Revised AS approved by SHPSC- SanctionedDownload
03-01-2020G.O.(Rt)No.31/20/LSGDKollam Municipal Corporation – AMRUT Project – “Augmentation of water supply scheme to Kollam” – Revised Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
27-12-2019G.O.(Rt)No.2955/19/LSGDErratum to GO(Rt) No.2893/2019/LSGD Dated. 19.12.2019Download
27-12-2019G.O.(Rt)No.2951/19/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for AMRUT projects of Alappuzha MunicipalityDownload
23-11-2019G.O.(Rt)No.2639/19/LSGDExtension of Confidential Assistant in AMRUTDownload
28-08-2019G.O.(Rt)No.1857/19/LSGDExtension of Contract appointment MFE & CBSE in AMRUTDownload
30-03-2019G.O.(Rt)No.769/19/LSGDAdministrative Sanction/ Revised Administrative SanctionDownload
01-03-2019G.O.(Rt)No.469/19/LSGDAppointment of Deputy Mission Director in AMRUTDownload
29-11-2018G.O.(Rt)No.303/18/ITDElectronics & Information Technology – Centralized Procurement – Rate contract with Microsoft for the supply of Windows 10 pro upgrade License for the StateDownload
31-05-2018G.O.(Rt)No.1499/18/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for AMRUT projects at a total of Rs. 34.683 Cr.Download
10-04-2018G.O.(Rt)No.1010/18/LSGDReconstitution of Technical committee for Sewerage Septage projects under AMRUTDownload
22-02-2018G.O.(Rt)No.516/18/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for 10 AMRUT projects – Approval based on 15th SHPSCDownload
01-01-2018G.O.(Rt)No.5/18/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for 71 AMRUT ProjectsDownload
23-12-2017G.O.(Rt)No.4165/17/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for 48 AMRUT projectsDownload
14-12-2017G.O.(Rt)No.156/17/FinThe practice of holding/ parking of funds in STSB Accounts under Public AccountDownload
25-11-2017G.O.(Rt)No.3799/17/LSGDTechnical Evaluation of Detailed Project Reports(DPRs) of Sewerage & Septage projects under AMRUTDownload
13-11-2017G.O.(Rt)No.3652/17/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for 24 AMRUT projectsDownload
02-11-2017G.O.(Rt)No.3530/17/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for 110 AMRUT projectsDownload
28-09-2017G.O.(Rt)No.3170/17/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for 9 AMRUT projects in Water Supply SectorDownload
05-05-2017G.O.(Rt)No.1426/17/LSGDClosure of Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project (KSUDP) and Merge with SMMUDownload
27-03-2017G.O.(Rt)No.900/17/LSGDSustainable Urban Development Project – Total closure of KSUDPDownload
23-02-2017G.O.(Rt)No.534/17/LSGDAMRUT Projects Administrative Sanction for the financial year 2015-16Download
10-04-2013G.O.(MS)No.11/13/ITDe-Tender/ e-Procurement System- Process flow document for online payment system of e-Procurement- RevisedDownload
02-03-2007G.O.(MS)No.66/07/LSGDKerala Sustainable Urban Development Project – Constitution of Empowered CommitteeDownload