18-06-2020G.O.(Rt) No.1974/2020/GADErratum to GO(Rt) No.1876/2020/GAD Dated. 03.06.2020Download
18-06-2020G.O.(Rt) No.1194/2020/LSGDMulti-Level Car Parking(MLCP) in Kollam Corporation – Revised Administrative SanctionDownload
17-06-2020G.O.(Rt) No.1169/2020/LSGDSewage Treatment Plant – Kureepuzha being implemented by KWA in Kollam Corporation for Rs 31,91,88,768/- Revised Administrative SanctionDownload
13-06-2020G.O.(Rt) No.1876/2020/GADAdditional Charge to IAS OfficersDownload
25-05-2020G.O.(Rt)No.961/2020/LSGDAMRUT – Guruvayur Municipality -Water Supply sector works- Revised Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
25-05-2020G.O.(Rt) No.953/2020/LSGDAdministrative Sanction for cancelling projects in Kollam, Alappuzha and Palakkad CitiesDownload
23-05-2020G.O.(Rt) No.949/2020/LSGDExtension of Contract StaffDownload
27-03-2020G.O.(Rt)No.1123/2020/LSGDRelease of resumed fund of Rs. 244,54,69,958/- SanctionedDownload
12-05-2020G.O.(Rt)No.867/2020/LSGDThe project “Mavoor Road North Side Drain” under Storm Water Drainage Sector – Revised Administrative Sanction accordedDownload
12-05-2020G.O.(Rt)No.860/2020/LSGDKozhikode Corporation – “Rehabilitation of existing old pipes, valves & interconnections with existing lines Phase-II” – Revised Administrative sanction accordedDownload
19-03-2020G.O.(Rt)No.683/2020/LSGDExtention of Deputy Mission Director in AMRUTDownload
29-04-2020G.O.(Rt)No.798/2020/LSGDExtension of the mission period of AMRUT that ended on 31.3.2020 for a further period of one year till 31.3.2020 or till the recommendations of the 15th Finance Commission come into effectDownload

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