A State level High Powered Steering Committee (SHPSC) chaired by the State Chief Secretary, shall steer the Mission Programme in its entirety.
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 Functions of the SHPSC

  • Identify the gaps in infrastructure based on SLBs, need for individual and institutional capacity building, ways and means to achieve urban reforms, finalisation of the financial outlays, etc. of the Mission Cities/Towns.
  • Prepare the SAAP based on the SLIPs of the ULBs of the State prioritising cities and projects based on available resources each year, as prescribed in the Mission Statement and Guidelines.
  • Approve the projects after they are technically appraised and sanctioned by the State Level Technical Committee (SLTC). All project approvals shall be accorded by the State HPSC provided these projects are included in the approved SAAP. No project shall be referred to the MoHUA for sanction. In the entire project approval, procurement and execution process, the State HPSC shall ensure that all the provisions of State Financial Rules are followed.
  • Plan the fund flow in short, medium as well as long term. Explore innovative ways for resource mobilization, private financing and land leveraging for funding of projects.
  • Fix the State and ULB share of contribution towards the projects in addition to the Central Government Grant specified in para. 5 of these Guidelines.
  • Look into complaints of poor quality, lack of supervision and other violations. Monitor the quality of work and reports of appraisal by third party assessors and others and take action at their end.
  • Recommend proposals for release of instalment of funds for on-going projects to the National Mission Directorate.
  • Follow-up action to establish a Financial Intermediary, allocate and release the Central and State share of funds in time for execution of projects.
  • Recommend a roadmap and milestones for implementation of Reforms in the State/ULBs for approval of the Apex Committee. Review the progress of committed Urban Reforms at the State and ULB level.
  • Monitor the progress of implementation of the Mission, including project implementation in ULBs. xi. Monitor outcome and O&M arrangements of projects sanctioned and completed under the Mission.
  • Periodically, review the progress of capacity building and training activities.
  • Organise timely audit of the funds released and review the Action Taken Reports on various Audit reports relating to the earlier Mission and the new Mission and on other reports including that of third party, Project Development and Management Consultants and the elected representatives of the ULBs.
  • Bring about inter-organisation coordination and collaboration for better planning and implementation of the Mission Programme.
  • Any other matter relevant for the efficient implementation of the Mission or referred by the National Mission Directorate.
  • Monitor the legal issues/cases in courts, if any.

Composition of the SHPSC

  • Chief Secretary – Chairman
  • Pr. Secretary (PHE) – Member
  • Pr. Secretary (Finance) – Member
  • Pr. Secretary (Housing) – Member
  • Pr. Secretary (Environment & Forest) – Member
  • Representative of MoHUA – Member
  • Pr. Secretary (UD/LSGD) – Member Secretary
  • Mission Director – Member