AMRUT – KERALA (Local Self Government Department, Govt of Kerala)
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The Mission Management units at State and City level will provide technical/handholding support and coordination to the State UD Department/SLNA / Urban Local Bodies to carry out the following functions:


  • Preparation of Service Level Improvement Plan (SLIP) and State Annual Plan (SAAP) including Capacity Building Plan.
  • Coordinate and monitor City MMU’s /Cities in the preparation of SLIPs and implementation of reforms focusing on outcomes.
  • Support selection of handholding agencies / consulting firms for end to end assistance (planning, design, supervision and project management in AMRUT
  • Support in section of training institution for conducting individual capacity building programmes for municipal functionaries and elected representatives.
  • Plan, assist and coordinate with the training institutions for individual Capacity Building programmes focusing on the four departments in ULBs
  • Develop Urban Database Repository viz. 1. Data on service level bench marks (SLBs) of ULBs/States and Thrust Areas of AMRUT, ii. Other data requirements of Urban Sector, iii. Data bank on best practices or thrust areas/reforms resources institution /experts , programmes/schemes
  • Coordinate the maintenance and upgradation of multilayered GIS maps.
  • Monitoring for example IRMA reports (quarterly), Reform implementation Appraisal Reports by IRMA (half yearly) quarterly Score Card by States/Cities HPSC (AMRUT/Smart Cities Mission)
  • Revision of State Law & Rules and ULB level policies for implementing AMRUT reform agenda
  • Preparation of ULB level IEC materials like e-newsletter, brochures, etc
  • .Promote the use of online instructional programmes for ULB functionaries.

In Smart Cities Mission:

  • Support in selection of handholding agencies / consulting firms for preparation of Smart City proposal for Smart Cities Competition
  • Support the ULB level data collection, checking for its reliability and validity and documentation of ULB level practices.
  • Assist in preparation of Smart City Proposal (SCP) in the Smart Cities Selection Competition.
  • Support in the establishment or Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) under the Smart City Mission.