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21st SHPSC of AMRUT scheduled on 27.Feb.2019. Time : 2.30 pm (preponed)

February 25, 2019
Click here for the agenda of the 21st SHPSC of AMRUT

Vytilla Mobility Hub invites quotations for Vehicle – Last date extended to 15.Feb.2019

February 1, 2019
Click here to Download the Notice  Last Date to apply extended : 15-Feb-2019

Sep 24-26 2018 – KILA and State Mission Management Unit organised at three day Capacity Building Programme for the Staff of AMRUT, Kerala

September 27, 2018
Kochi: A three-day Capacity Building Programme for the staff of AMRUT Kerala, including the newly recruited Engineers and Overseers, at the mission cities to speed up the implementation of AMRUT project was organised jointly by the Kerala Institute of Local Administration (KILA) and the State Mission Management Unit at Ashirbhavan,  Kochi from 24–26 September 2018. Inaugurating the training session, the Mission Director Smt. R. Girija IAS pointed out the need to accelerate the implementation of AMRUT in such a way that all the 1001 projects (including subprojects) are completed on or before March 2020. Sri Joy Elamon, Director, KILA, in his address encouraged the participants to utilize the platform effectively by acquiring knowledge and expertise from the faculty invited to handle the sessions in the next three days. The first session by Dr. V. Suresh, President of Good Governance Foundation, introduced the participants to the pace of urbanization across the world and India, the challenges it poses and the key solutions. The major urban schemes and its...

Kerala wins Rs.15.89 Cr as AMRUT Reform Incentive for 2017-18. Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, Sri. Hardeep Singh Puri presents the award to State Mission Director Smt R.Girija IAS

July 27, 2018
27-Jul-2018 : Lucknow - The performance incentive for States for  accomplishing the mandatory reforms under AMRUT  for 2017-18 was announced today during the Two day National Workshop held at Lucknow in connection with the Third Anniversary Celebrations of AMRUT Scheme. The Union Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, Sri. Hardeep Singh Puri, presented the award amount of Rs. 15.89 Cr to State Mission Director, Smt. R.Girija IAS during the conference. The Mission envisages improving governance through a set of 11 Reforms classified as 54 milestones to be achieved during the Mission period(2015-20). These reforms have to be implemented in the Mission cities. AMRUT incentivizes reform implementation by setting aside 10% funds of annual budgetary allocation as incentives for the State. During 2017-18, the States were required to accomplish 13 milestones pertaining to 5 reforms in the areas of e-Governance,  Municipal Cadre, Double Entry Accounting, Urban Planning and Swacch Bharat Mission. Kerala had assessed the activities taken up under these reforms...

Photos – Ongoing / Completed projects under AMRUT

May 24, 2018
    Kochi - Rejuvenation of Pashnithodu Canal                   Trivandrum - Punnakamugal Park     Thrissur- Laying of 700 mm DI pipes Kollam - Footpath from AR camp to Railway Station     Kochi - Footpath from MG Road to Atlantis  Palakkad - Construction of Remadevi Park   Kochi - Construction of St.Johns Park   Kollam - Water Supply Improvement and Installation of Chlorination arrangements  

May 2018 – Individual Capacity Building Programme for Officials of AMRUT Mission Cities

May 8, 2018
Individual Capacity Building Program under AMRUT KERALA - MAY 2018Training Schedule for Capsule 1Training Entity: Centre for Environment and Development, ThiruvananthapuramDateCategory of officers8-10 May 2018Department of Administration Batch 114-16 May 2018Department of Administration Batch 217-19 May 2018Department of Administration Batch 321-23 May 2018Department of Finance and Revenue Batch 124-26 May 2018Department of Finance and Revenue Batch 2Officials working in Mission cities who have already undergone the Orientation training of AMRUT will attend the above batches for the the followup Training Capsule I .Click here to download the tentative list of participants batchwise  

Monthly Video Conference with LSGD Engineers in Mission Cities to accelerate TS, Tendering and awarding of AMRUT ULB projects

May 4, 2018
   With the objective of accelerating  implementation of the non KWA projects handled by the AMRUT mission cities directly, the Mission Director Sri. P.S Mohammed Sagir IAS in co-ordination with the Chief Engineer LSGD Sri. P.R.Saji Kumar, convened 3 rounds of review meetings through Video Conference  with ULB  Engineers,   CMMU and other officials on 15-Feb-2018, 13-Mar-2018 and 16-April 2018. More than 90% of the Projects under AMRUT has been accorded Administrative Sanction and the focus is now on according Technical sanction, tendering and awarding the works mainly. Technical sanction(TS) of  projects under Storm Water Drainage, Urban Transport and Open Spaces and Parks  sectors is issued  by the Engineers in the ULB, Superintending Engineer or from Chief Engineer's Office  at  Thiruvananthapuram based on their financial powers. A technical evaluation committee(TEC) comprising of sectoral experts has been constituted for Sewerage and Septage Management Sector.  Kerala Water Authority accords TS for all Water Supply and Sewerage projects which are handled by them.   During the Video Conferences,...

30-Apr-2018 – AMRUT Kerala submits the self evaluation score card for Reforms 2017-18 to Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs(MoHUA)

April 30, 2018
Kerala has submitted a Self Evaluation of the Reforms that are mandatory under AMRUT of the year 2017-18. Town and Country Planning Organisation, New Delhi  is entrusted by  MoHUA to revalidate the claims from all the States. On scoring 70% or above after TCPO evaluation, States will be awarded an incentive amount. The Reforms Claim submission from Kerala  is as given below : # Reform Milestones Max State Claim Score Total % 1 E-Governance   1. Personnel Staff Management 10 8.9 89 2. Project Management 10 9.1 91 2 Municipal Cadre 1. Policy for right -sizing the Number of Municipal functionaries prepared by States 10 10 100 3 DEA 1. Publication of Annual Financial Statement on website. 10 10 100 4 Urban Planning 1. Establish Urban Development Authorities. 10 10 100 2. Develop at least one Children Park every year in AMRUT cities 10 9.4 94 5   Swachh Bharat Mission   1. Elimination of open defecation 10 10 100...

16-Apr-2018 – 3rd round of Video Conference with LSGD Engineers and AMRUT Mission Team

March 19, 2018
16-Apr-2018 -  Sri. P.S.Mohammed Sagir, the Mission Director of AMRUT alongwith Sri. P R Sajikumar, Chief Engineer, LSGD conducted a third round of  video conference with Secretaries, ULB Engineers and the  City Mission team of the nine AMRUT Mission Cities on 16.04.2018. The SHPSC held on 13th March 2018 has given a target of three weeks to complete awarding technical sanction to all the projects under AMRUT which are handled by the ULB directly. This includes projects under Storm water drainage, urban transport and parks sector. The status of Technical sanction of each project was taken city wise and timelines were fixed for each project. The ULB engineers were urged to own up AMRUT projects and give it equal priority just like plan fund works which is their major target before 31st March. There has been considerable progress in TS issuance and tendering in the mission cities. The 17th  SHPSC  is scheduled on 18.04.2018  which will re-examine the progress achieved against time schedules.